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Currently, I am a web developer for SimpsonScarborough. Previously, I worked in-house at California Lutheran University. I have built and maintained front-end frameworks, implemented a major rebrand, assisted in marketing projects for driving enrollment, and offered web site support to clients.

I got my start like many others with a curiosity of how things work and a drive to build it myself. While the web has changed a lot over the past few decades and has grown in complexity, the same excitement is there for me. Building a web site and a larger design system is a lot like a small, self-contained world. How we familiarize a user with the site’s brand? How do these components all interact with each other? What happens to the web site under certain conditions? These are all important questions before even grabbing for a specific tool.

To sum up how I think of my career: I love making the web come to life.

Born and raised in Southern California, I live with my wife and family. When I am not doing web development you find me hiking my state’s mountains, watching Formula 1, or watching a lot of YouTube.

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How This Site Was Made

This portfolio site has evolved in many different forms through my career. Previous versions were written in PHP, custom Node JS scripts, WordPress, and Eleventy. This current version is built with Astro and hosted with Netlify. The fonts used are Parkly and Source Sans.