A Mindful Approach to Technology

Instead of more, often what we consider to be the “best” app is the one that actually ends up doing less. Less, but better. The best app is often the one that allows you to easily do what you came for, then releases you to get back to what is really important. The best app is the one that allows you to honestly answer “yes” to the question:

Is this the best way to use this technology to support my values?

Mike Schmitz on the Sweet Setup

I am really interested in seeing this new direction from The Sweet Setup. The time and attention our devices occupy is a topic I think about a lot lately, especially as my wife and I are expecting our first kid in a few months.

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How to Support NetNewsWire

NetNewsWire is all about three things:

  • The open web
  • High-quality open source Mac and iOS apps
  • The community that loves both of the above

Supporting all these things takes work.

I can get on board with all three things. Looking forward to seeing this classic app make it's come back.

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Putting the Soul in Console

Playdate, the upcoming indie handheld gaming console from venerable software publisher Panic, is really important. But if you don't know the history of where the little company behind this little device comes from, it might be hard to understand why this isn't just another random gadget like you might see on a crowdfunding site.

Anil Dash goes on to describe the tech indie scene to setup where Panic is coming from to launching their first hardware product, the Playdate. This is the type of thing that inspires me in the tech world: the small-ish, independent company that has succeed outside the culture of Silicon Valley.

Panic started as an indie Mac development company making products like Audion, Transmit, and Coda. The later has been my code editor of choice up until recently (mostly on VS Code now, I'll get back to that in a second). Panic has a culture and perspective on design that I can't quite put my finger on, but it is immediately recognizable and refreshing. FTP and code editing apps are incredibly useful tools, but their approach brings a great deal of personality to an otherwise utilitarian category of software.

The Playdate is their first hardware product and I am really looking forward to see what they can bring to designing a handheld gaming system. I am also really looking forward to the upcoming overhaul of Coda (or whatever they are going to call it).

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