A lot of remote web people like to show off their neat and tidy desks that look like no one actually sits there and works for 8 hours a day. Let’s have some real talk: no desk is ever that clean except for a photo shoot. Here is what an actual in use remote web developer’s desk looks like, annotations below:

  1. Work-provided 2019 13” MacBook Pro
  2. 27” LG HDR 4k Display. Best monitor for the value besides a full on iMac.
  3. JBL Speakers that I’ve had since college. There is a sub-woofer on the floor. They work fine. I am not an audiophile, so I’ve never felt a need to replace them.
  4. Random collection of pens. Probably only need one or two of them tbh.
  5. Mentos gum (also noted: Hi Chew Candy)
  6. Free notebook swag from An Event Apart Denver 2017
  7. The desk is from someone in Texas that I bought on Etsy. I’ll probably want a bigger desk someday though.
  8. Logitech MX Anywhere 2 mouse. It’s fine, not my favorite mouse.
  9. Apple Magic Keyboard
  10. Chapstick because it gets dry living in the mountains
  11. Apple AirPods
  12. Moleskin notebook
  13. Mondaine Swiss Railway watch that I need to get a new battery for
  14. Granola bar wrapper I need to throw out
  15. A pen
  16. Griffin Laptop Stand (are they still in business?)
  17. My collection of National Park pins
  18. Cheatsheet for our front-end framework and brand colors (because who can memorize every color hex value?)

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