This month of March marks my six months of working remote. Last year, my wife took a new job that required us to move to a new location in the mountains of Southern California. This was far enough away from our old home that comuting to my place of work was out of the question. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity given to me to continue my work from remote.

Getting to place in my career where I could work remotely outside of a traditional office has been a goal of mine for a long time, even before we thought of my wife’s new job. I’ve really liked having control over my work environment, where I can play music loud when I want or take a quick break to get some fresh mountain air in the backyard. Our new house has enough rooms to allow me to have my own office space, and I have slowly over time been making changes to make my ideal office.

The only downside so far has been the feeling of not being apart of the everyday conversations with my colleages in the real office. While I don’t think it has impacted my ability to do my work, I do think that is a side effect of being in a place where you are the one person working remotely. The positive trade off is having control over my workspace, not needing to commute, and thus being able to spend more time around my family.

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