I’ve been consuming Internet video for probably well over ten years now. That’s a good amount of time to have had certain series or style of video come and go. In that same amount of time I have probably gone and rewatched several TV shows, but never have rewatched anything Internet based.

I don’t know what reminded me to think of this, but I remembered recently of a video series I watched years ago called The Rest of Everest. This series, created by Jon Miller, is a travelogue of his time spent around Mount Everest and the surrounding areas of Nepal and Tibet. Watching this series in my early 20s really left and mark on me and a fascination for that area of the world.

The Rest of Everest was originally produced back in the late 2000s decade, when podcasting was still a new thing. While video podcasting never really caught on in the same way that audio did, Miller has published every season to YouTube.

It’s been interesting too to see how the style and polish of Internet has evolved over time. The access to really high quality video cameras is a lot greater today, as well as what the level of expectation of the pacing and length. The Rest of Everest episodes vary in length from 20 to 45 minutes, which feels really long in comparison to today’s average YouTube video. It’s also a very loose style in terms of pacing, which Jon Miller keeps quite lot of footage showing of seemingly mundane events of people living and traveling through this region of the world.

That being said, I love it. I love that we get such a thourough document of these places. I don’t know if it would work today as a new YouTube channel, but I love that this was something that is still around from this era of the Internet.

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